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Bo Tian
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Bo Tian, Ski Instructor, CSIA L2, Club Director

Give us one hour, you may get back a lifelong enjoyment.
Kevin Yang
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Kevin Yang, CSIA L3/CSCF L1

– CSIA 3级双板教练
– CSCF 1级竞技教练
– 海德雪板赞助教练
– Camp Fortune 滑雪学校多年教学经验
– Skate Canada花样滑冰教练
Cosmo (Longyu) Zhang
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Cosmo (Longyu) Zhang, Ski Instructor, CSIA L3 (Ski part)

– CSIA Level 3 (ski part)
– Ph.D
– Youtube video: https://youtu.be/1uONpSE83Fg
– 微信视频 channel: CosmoSnow
– Overflow your winter with EXCITING and SAFE skiing
Roger Yu
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Roger Yu, Ski Instructor, CSIA L2

Skiing is my most favorite outdoor activities in winter. I also enjoy to share the passion with those who would like try this incredible outdoor activity so I took training courses to become a certified ski instructor, started teaching 10 seasons ago. I have taught all kind of people, young and old who wanted to be active in winter. When you are on the mountain, it’s the feeling of freedom that gives you the thrill. So come on outside and see you on the slope this season!
Jeremy Tian
Jeremy Tian, Ski Instructor, CSIA L2

A former ski racer. Love to teach kids and young-at-heart.
Huanran Wang
Huanran Wang, Ski Instructor, CSIA L2

Huanran Wang (CSIA L2) starts skiing in 2011, and begins teaching since 2014. He gets rich experience with private and group lessons. Besides skiing. He also interested in skating (long track and hockey), badminton and gyming.
Yan Zhang
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Yan Zhang, Ski Instructor, CSIA L2

– Camp fortune ski school Academy Award nominee;
– CSIA Level 2 ski instructor since 2016/17;
– Years of teaching experience in Camp Fortune ski school and Chinese ski club since 2014;
Yue Wang
Yue Wang, Ski Instructor, CSIA L2

12 years CSIA teaching experience.
Yiwei(Pete) Pan
Yiwei(Pete) Pan, Ski Instructor, CSIA L2

I started skiing since 2007. I enjoy sharing passion for skiing with skiers of all ages so that they have fun and improve while always staying safe. Determining client needs and desires while assessing current skills are important parts in designing a road map to make everyday on the mountain the best day ever.
Susan Ye
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Susan Ye, Ski Instructor, CSIA L2

I still remember the moment when I saw my ill-fitting borrowed ski boot go tumbling down the slope of Mont Tremblant after I crashed heavily on a minus 20-degree day. With the freezing numbness taking over, I vowed very clearly that I would never ever ski again. That first time was back in 1998. Well I didn’t ski, not until 7 years later at least, and I haven’t stopped since. Today I am a ski-addict. What made the difference for me? Following qualified instructors to learn the proper techniques for skiing safely and enjoyably was the key for me. I would love to help and share my experience with people of all ages who are missing all the fun (due to fear or lack of training) in the greatest winter sport of all time.
Xuan Zhou
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Xuan Zhou, Ski Instructor, CSIA L2

I started skiing over 10 years ago. Although I am not a sporty person, I enjoyed skiing from the very first moment I set my feet on the skis. The reason was because I chose the right way to start: the ski lessons. I still remember the freedom and the tremendous joy I felt skiing down the hill the first time, at Ski Vorlage. Ever since then winter has become the most favourite season for me. I am eager to share with all of you my own experience in ski learning. Once you learn the basic skills, you will start to enjoy this great sport. Winter won’t be long any more.
Jannie Mu
Jannie Mu, Ski Instructor, CSIA L2

Skiing together has been turning into our family winter tradition for quite a while. We ski the whole weekend from the end of November to late April the next year. Why does the family ski together? – Special bonding time. Even if you don’t ski at the same level, you can ride up the mountain together. Going from the bottom of the slope back to the top gives everyone a chance to talk to enjoy each other’s company, and the amazing views let you appreciate nature as a family.
A brief introduction of my family – My daughter is currently in U12 racing program and has been in the ski racing team for a few years. My husband is an active Canadian Ski Patroller and CSIA certified ski instructor. I am teaching in Camp Fortune Ski School as well.
Come on out to join us on the chair lift! We would work together to get you enjoy the winter time as much as our family do. Sharing our passion for skiing with others is always a pleasure!
Haoyu Wu
Haoyu Wu, Ski Instructor, CSIA L2

Are you (or your children) an absolute beginner? Are you a “PIZZA” (snowplow) skier learning parallel turns? Are you an intermediate skier who would like to sharpen your techniques, such as maintain a good turn shape while controlling the speed? Whoever you are, come choose the right class/program that suits your needs and helps you ski to a next level! Based on your level, you will learn the basics of skiing, ways to get rid of bad habits, and useful drills. You will also learn how to develop learning plan, and enjoy skiing without getting hurt.
Fei Huang
Fei Huang, Ski Instructor, CSIA L2

Over 10 years’ down hill ski experiences, love teaching, love outdoor fresh air and views on ski hills/mountains, have skied and explored big mountains such as Revelstoke, Big White, Kicking Horse, Big3 in Banff, Snowbird/Alta, Deer Valley, etc.

Hope to help improve students’ level of skiing – a great fun winter sport.

See you soon on snowy mountains.

Christopher Shen
Christopher Shen, Ski Instructor, CSIA L2

I have been teaching for the past 3 years and 2 years of TA experience before that, I have work with many ages of students from 4 year olds to 14+ in both private and group lessons.
Cheng Geng (耿成)
Cheng Geng, Ski Instructor, CSIA L2

Come to ski, I’ll help you ski at thespeed you feel comfortable with, to the direction you want to go, in a relaxing and safe way.
Nicholas Lee
Nicholas Lee
Nicholas Lee, Ski Instructor, CSIA L2

I want everyone to enjoy skiing and snow sports! My goal is to give students the confidence to push their limits while working on their skills. It’s most important make skiing fun while improving our technique. I enjoy teaching students of varying skill levels and of all ages, from 4 to adults. 4 years’ experience as an instructor at Camp Fortune including coaching performance programs.
Rick Liu
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Rick Liu, Ski Instructor, CSIA L1

I started skiing since 2010. Skiing in winter is a valuable opportunity to play with my kids. They grow fast….
I bring to skiing fun, excitement, knowledge, direction, humor, confidence, understanding, demonstration, games and respect. I can help you to ride with your body and the mountain rather than against them.
Remember, the best skier on the mountain is the one having the most FUN! See you on the mountain!
Afan Zhu (613-302-0166)
Afan Zhu, Ski Instructor, CSIA L1

To me, skiing is NOT just a sport, it is indeed my “another life”. As said in a Red Bull movie – “The worst ski day is still better than any 9 to 5 days.”, skiing opens a window to a new world and a better life to those who truly love it. As such, I would like to show the door way to this “life” to beginners, especially children and teens. If you or your kids want to be one of them, call me maybe.
Fei Wu
Fei Wu, Ski Instructor, CSIA L1

Coming soon…
Jeff Liu
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Jeff Liu, Ski Instructor, CSIA L1

Snow for a boy who grew up in the south part of China means celebration. Until I got to Canada at age of 16, I had truly understood what kind of celebration I got myself into. My first ski trip was at Mont Tremblant in 2001. At that time, I had no idea how to ski whatsoever, even had hard time wearing all the gears like most beginners. However, I was and am still embraced by the joy and freedom that skiing has brought to me. I started helping around in the club in 2007 as a volunteer. In 2009/2010, I got my level 1 ski instructor certificate. I will see you on the hill!
Xiaotong Luo
Xiaotong Luo, Ski Instructor, CSIA L1

Started skiing with lessons taught by CSIA instructors, make progress with guided milage through my friends and instructors, become a better skier every year, I’d love to teach the skills and share the fun with people who take part in this highly addictive and passionate activity.
Annie Liu
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Annie Liu, Ski Instructor, CSIA L1

I started skiing from 2010 because of one reason “Winter here is too long, we need some outdoor activities”. Starting with watching and accompany my kids, gradually, I found out skiing is not only for kids, but fun for everyone. I encouraged many friends to step out in the chilly weather and join this sport. I started teaching as a teaching assistance from 2015, and became an instructor later on. My teaching philosophy is that safety is always the first priority and having fun is our final goal. No matter kids or adults, after they handle some techniques, they will be confidence and enjoy this new activity. Come to join us and we have fun together.
Jeffery Ye
Jeffery Ye, Ski Instructor, CSIA L1

I’ve been skiing since 2011, and it has been a real passion ever since. I play many other sports, but I enjoy skiing with my friends and family during the winter. I love working with children and taking on challenges. My promise to you is that you will learn something new every lesson, and have lots of fun doing so.
TJ Wen
WJ Wen, Ski Instructor, CSIA L1

I love downhill skiing because I can relax and feel the excitement of the sport at the same time. I enjoy being trained by certified and experienced ski instructors because I can feel the improvement in my turn shape, stance, separation, and movement coordination. I am passionate about teaching students of all ages because I watch them improve and excel at skiing techniques day after day.
Jingyu Qi
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Jingyu Qi, Ski Instructor, CSIA L1

My first skiing run on a slope was not very pleasant, so I was not into this fun sport until my daughter was old enough to learn skiing, that’s about 10 years ago. At that time, I participated Camp Fortune’s ski school program, and I found skiing was not hard and winter became to more enjoyable. I like the feeling of riding on the snow, like flying. I like the fresh air on the mountains, even though it is cold. I also like the different scenery on top of the mountains, which you won’t see if you don’t go up there in winter. I enjoy skiing with family and friends these years, and started teaching some friends when they want to try this sport since 5 years ago. In order to teach more efficient and systematically, I decided to learn how to “teach”. I got my CSIA level 1 certification in the beginning of last season, and felt more confident to teach and lead new skiers. So if you want to enjoy our winter, come out and join me!
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豆包娘, Ski Instructor, CSIA L1

There are almost 6 months Winter in Ottawa, why not ski?
There are thousands skiers in Ottawa, why not you?
Jining Wang
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Jining Wang, Ski Instructor, CSIA L1

I first started to ski with my family in 2007, during our first winter in Ottawa, and since then it has become our most favorable winter family activity. Nothing can beat the feeling of cruising down a trail through a grove of snow-covered trees; you breathe the scent of pine and fresh snow, and enjoy the fantastic scenery at top of the mountain, with the sunshine massaging your shoulders; you hear a waltz singing in your ears, and you can’t help but dance along the rhythm as you ski. I never complain about the length of the Ottawa winter, thanks to skiing. These past couple of years, I have had more spare time to get certified as an instructor, now I want to bring more outsiders into the skiing paradise. Come to the slopes today, let’s start an exciting adventure!
Aidan Huang
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Aidan Huang, Ski Instructor, CSIA L1

Hi, my name’s Aidan Huang and this is my second year teaching as a certified ski instructor. Last year I had an amazing experience not only teaching, but connecting with kids from ages 4 to 14 at Camp Fortune and Mont Cascade. During the 9 weeks of the 2018 ski season, I’ve improved my technique, teaching skills, and attitude to make sure my students learn, stay safe, and have fun! My biggest focus as a ski instructor is patience, and to ensure that I can evaluate my students and teach according to their skill levels. Skiing is a way of being free and conquering not only the mountain, but ourselves. My goal as a ski instructor is to help my students develop a lasting love for this awesome sport!
,_ o
/ //\,
\>> |
See you on the hill!!
Olivia Zhu
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Olivia Zhu, Ski Instructor, CSIA L1

For a person like me who is afraid of both heights and excessive speed, I never imagined that I would be able to alpine ski on beautiful mountains. Nevertheless, as a sports enthusiast all my life, I love thrills and challenges; and alpine skiing seemed like the perfect way of conquering my fear. I can proudly say that I did. I have learned that mental skills training is extremely important in enhancing performance in most sports, especially for people who have certain psychological barriers. Techniques such as goal setting, relaxation, visualization and self motivation are among the ones that I find most helpful. I would love to share my personal experience with those who wish to explore and enjoy the beauty of winter on the mountains. We can accomplish many things together, even things that you might think are impossible. See you on the slopes! – O
Helen Luo
Helen Luo, Ski Instructor, CSIA L1

Coming soon…
Zhengyi Qu
Zhengyi Qu, Ski Instructor, CSIA L1 & CASI L2

Coming soon…
Alex Jiang
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Alex Jiang, Ski Instructor, CSIA L1

● CSIA Level 1
● Instructs students of all ages
● Good communication in English and Mandarin
● Familiar with various different snow conditions
and terrain types
● Passion for skiing and instructing
Teaching Assistant/ Camp Fortune
January 2017-March 2018, Chelsea QC
● 2 seasons of experience as Teaching Assistant at
Camp Fortune
● Dedicated to skiing
● Experience with teaching young children
Level 1/ CSIA
December 2018, Camp Fortune, Chelsea, QC
● Formal certifications and training to instruct at
Level 1 standard
Ellen Zhong
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Ellen Zhong, Ski & Snowboard Instructor, CSIA & CASI L1

– CSIA 1级双板滑雪教练
– CASI 1级单板滑雪教练
Vivian Tang
Vivian Tang, Ski Instructor, CSIA L1

Coming soon…
Carl Zhang
Carl Zhang, Ski Instructor, CSIA L1

I’ve been skiing since 2015 and have quickly grown and progressed to love the sport of skiing. This being my second year of instructing and fourth year of skiing, I’m glad to bring my experiences from Camp Fortune and Mount Cascade to create a safe and enjoyable environment for kids and adults.
Tiwei Huang
Tiwei Huang, Ski Instructor, CSIA L1

Oh Ottawa our home and snowy land.
True skier’s love in all people’s command!
Ross Xu
Ross(Rongxing) Xu, Ski Instructor, CSIA L1

– Strong teaching experience from Camp Fortune ski school, and Mount Pakenham ski school.
– My students were in the 4~60 age range.
– Responsible and reliable.
Wei Ding
Wei Ding, Ski Instructor, CSIA L1

Work hard play hard!
Maomao Yi
Maomao Yi, Ski Instructor, CSIA L1

It could be a real struggle getting through Canada’s long, cold winter, especially for many who grew up in a much warmer place like me. Snow sports are the game changer! Since I first hit the slopes at Mont Cascades on the New Year’s Day of 2016, winter has become such a lovely and exciting season instead of a pale and depressing one! What’s more, skiing has turned me from a lazy couch potato to an athletic person; it motivates me to train my strength and flexibility, and remain active all year long, so that I am ready when it snows! Join me and don’t miss out on all the fun on the snowy mountains!
Albert Mu
Albert Mu 牟耕样, Ski Instructor, CSIA L1

Zhi Xie (解志)
Zhi Xie (解志), Ski Instructor, CSIA L1

CSIA一级双板教练,对滑雪上瘾,喜欢看到越来越多的朋友一起滑雪🎿 ,一同提高滑雪技术。
Ryan Zhang
Ryan Zhang
Ryan Zhang, Ski Instructor, CSIA L1

Hey, I’ve been skiing and trained since I was 6 years old. For the past 2 years I’ve been teaching people at Camp Fortune and Mont Cascades. I’m a really sporty guy so I have a lot of experience that helps me ski and teach. I have experience teaching people as a tennis coach in the summer and I’ve also been playing hockey since I was 7 which has helped me become a much better skier. I love coaching ski because I really enjoy watching people improve. My favorite part about teaching is getting people into the sports that I love. I will not only help you improve your skiing fundamentals and techniques, but also do whatever I can to make sure that you’re having a blast doing so. What do you think? Catch me on the slopes eh 🙂

Snowboard Instructors

Eric Wang
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Eric Wang, Snowboard instructor, CASI L3

I am a CASI snowboard instructor. Snowboarding makes me trully alive in the long and boring winter. In addition to my passion in riding, I am also very keen on sharing my knowledge and techniques with other snowboarders.
Victor Wang
Victor Wang, Snowboard instructor, CASI L2

I am a huge dedicated snowboarder. I am a CASI L2 instructor. Snowboarding has been in my life for a very long time. I started snowboarding at a young age, it has been over 10 years since I started snowboarding. I became A CASI Instructor in 2013, however, I have been teaching people how to snowboard of many ages since 2011. I’ve taught in various ski hills: Calabogie, Camp Fortune and Mont Cascade. I strive for the improvement of the snowboarding community and to further grow it. Snowboarding is more than just a sport, it is a lifestyle.
Chuan Du
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Chuan Du, Snowboard instructor, CASI L2

Q: Why snowboarding?
A: Fun, Fun and Fun. Besides, it looks cool!
Zhengyi Qu
Zhengyi Qu, Ski Instructor, CASI L2 & CSIA L1

Coming soon…
Louis Cai, Snowboard Instructor, CASI L2

我是蔡伟凡louis, 是单板滑雪运动狂热爱好者。喜欢分享自己学到的知识给身边滑雪的朋友。 一起进步一起朝着滑雪的目标前进。
Hsin-Yi Chiang
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Hsin-Yi Chiang, Snowboard Instructor, CASI L1

Come out and play!
Bill Gu
Bill Gu, Snowboard Instructor, CASI L1

大家好,我是一个酷爱滑雪崇尚自由的单板爱好者,为了更好的分享给更多志同道合的朋友对滑雪的爱,我已通过CASI lv1 SB教练资格证啦。希望大家可以共同进步,一起快乐滑雪
嘉铭, Snowboard Instructor, CASI L1

大家好,我是魏嘉铭。是CASI Level1 单板教练,也是一名拉丁舞教师兼Zumba 教练。天性比较好动,作为一名舞蹈教师,曾经教过小到3岁大到60几岁的学生。来到加拿大后被白色鸦片深深吸引,在自己享受的同时也希望可以带给更多的人快乐。所以加入了渥太华华人滑雪俱乐部的大家庭。希望每一个上过我课的同学都能够感受到这份快乐。
Daniel Liu (刘青原)
Daniel Liu
Daniel, Snowboard Instructor, CASI L1

I used to hate winter for its long nights and dull snowy days. Then I stepped on a snowboard and everything changed. I loved it so much that I became a snowboard instructor. Try a lesson, you’ll be amazed at what you can do in the snow.
James Wu
James Wu
James Wu, Snowboard Instructor, CASI L1

我是James Wu,热爱户外运动和大自然的拥抱,滑单板成为了冬天最大的乐趣。目前是CASI LV1教练,希望和更多人分享滑单板的激情和喜悦,让我们一起雪上飞吧。
Fei Wang
Fei Wang, Snowboard Instructor, CASI L1

– Mount St Louis snow school instructor
– Freestyle riding nut
– Experienced with students privately or in a large group
– Worked with students from toddlers to adults using teaching techniques that fits their learning needs
Yilin Li
Yilin Li
Yilin Li, Snowboard Instructor, CASI L1

Liguang Wang
Liguang Wang
Liguang Wang (黎光), Snowboard Instructor, CASI L1

Snowboarding is fun and exciting to me, I know many people out there is also interested in snowboarding but afraid of getting started, I had same experience after many years skiing. Now it’s time for me to help others to take the first step on board, so we can enjoy winter and have fun together snowboarding!
Ellen Zhong
EllenBook her lesson
Ellen Zhong, Ski & Snowboard Instructor, CSIA & CASI L1

– CSIA 1级双板滑雪教练
– CASI 1级单板滑雪教练
Bella Li
Bella Li, Snowboard Instructor, CASI L1

Bella Li, 目前是CASI level 1 instructor。非常热爱滑雪,雪龄4个雪季,在国内曾跟随专业滑手以及中国国家队队员学习单板,擅长道内滑行
倪雪峰, Snowboard Instructor, CASI L1

勇于探索×坚持=热爱+幸福=> 感恩
Danny Yao
Danny Yao, Snowboard Instructor, CASI L1

I’m Danny, currently CASI level 1 snowboard instructor. I started snowboarding since 2017, it’s my passion and enjoyment for every snow season. I love freestyle and park! Let’s have fun and enjoy the snow together!
Chaohao(Eric) Zhu
Chaohao(Eric) Zhu, Snowboard Instructor, CASI L1

Good communication in English and Mandarin
Instructs students of all ages
30 days on the snow in one winter.
Snowboard instruction may include but not limited to the points below.
1. The basic parts of a snowboard
2. Figure out your snowboard stance
3. How to glide, standing up, and moving uphill
4. How to stop, turn, get on and get off a chairlift
1. 单板部件介绍
2. 正确的单板站姿教学与矫正
3. 如何滑行,站立,上陡坡
4. 如何刹车,转弯,上下缆车


Florence F.
Florence F., Volunteer

Skier and equestrian, an active volunteer for many seasons.
Nancy Wang
Nancy Wang, Volunteer

Skier, an active volunteer for many seasons.